Vista Co., Ltd. was established as a production company in 1999. 

Since then, Vista has expanded into producing projects, including but not limited to, feature films, TV shows and dramas, music videos, and commercials. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding job inquiries.

We would love to assist in the creative process of your next project. You can reach us by phone or email.



■We are able to accommodate a wide list of production needs, and are committed to providing our clients with outstanding service at the quality they deserve. We are able to support a broad variety
of projects such as movies, TV programs, music videos, enterprise video packages, web-based video, and DVD contents. 
Planning & Production
You can put your trust in our company to seamlessly propose and establish a production plan. 

We can work through production planning, and will assist in the task of working through the various accompanying production components such as composition, screenplay, and music production. 

Advertising / Promotion
■Along with TV commercials,we are also able to produce other forms of advertisements, including digital billboards and online commercials and advertisements. 
Film and Media Coordination
​■We will coordinate filming and all media related correspondence throughout Japan.
  • Schedule coordinate

  • Planning and Research

  • Equipment rental

  • Filming and Interview Negotiations

  • Casting

  • Location Scouting

  • Securing the Filming Staff (Film Crew, Hair and Makeup Artists, Stylists, Driver, etc.)

  • Submitting Applications for Filming Permission

  • Studio Arrangements

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation Arrangements

  • Translation and Interpreter 

  • ETC.

We are flexible and will work around any budget or requests!

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Talent management & Casting
We are able to assist in scouting and casting talent for various projects.  

We operate a boutique talent agency and offer talent management services through our agency as well. 

Video & Movie Production
+81 03-5362-4540


tricot『Bakuretsu Baniesan』
tricot『Bakuretsu Baniesan』

2011 Directed by Yusuke Murakami spaceshowermusic, INgrooves

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『Ishi no Furuoka』
『Ishi no Furuoka』

2011 Directed by Yohei Takahashi Cast Yuta Furukawa Yoshihide Sasaki Marvelous Inc.

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『ABC Broccoli!』
『ABC Broccoli!』

2017〜 Directed by Yohei Takahashi Kids Station Inc.

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tricot『Bakuretsu Baniesan』
tricot『Bakuretsu Baniesan』

2011 Directed by Yusuke Murakami spaceshowermusic, INgrooves

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5-15-5 Sendagaya, DS Bldg. #701, 

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo




TEL: +81 03-5362-4540

FAX: +81 03-5362-7835


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