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​Yohei Takahashi

Born in Australia but raised predominately in Tokyo, Yohei is a filmmaker and foodie, known for his unique genre-defying ideas and global sensibility. He made his film directorial debut in 2005, after having directed music programs such as Break Out and FUTURE TRACKS. He is known for his direction of live events, and served as the head director of the Summer Sonic Festival in 2002. 

He prides himself on also being able to handle commercials, corporate video productions, and TV dramas, and isn’t tied to one specific type of genre. When he isn’t busy directing and finding new restaurants to check out, he also enjoys watching soccer, fishing, movies, cooking, and listening to good music.



​Yusuke Murakami

Born in the city of Kitakyushu in 1980, Yūsuke is a type-O filmmaker and outdoorsman, known for successfully tackling a number of different genres throughout his career. He produced his first independent film. which won numerous awards and earned himself recognition while attending Kinki University in Osaka. After graduating from university, Yūsuke spent time in the mountains as a mountain guide. He moved to Tokyo to study movie making at the Image Forum, and began his career as a freelance director. When he isn’t busy directing, he can be found making music with Logic, or partaking in outdoor activities such as climbing mountains and playing volleyball.

President / Producer


Jinko Ishino



Kanako Tanzawa

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